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Here’s your chance to win BIG and have fun while contributing much-needed funds towards four great causes!

CPAB FVHCF Variety Zajac Ranch

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When you enter The BIG 50/50 Raffle, you’ll make a BIG difference in helping these important causes improve the quality of life for all BC residents!

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Charities today are facing unprecedented fundraising obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, four British Columbia not-for-profit organizations have come together to present The BIG 50/50 Raffle, a new fundraising initiative designed to help these important causes continue to provide a more equitable quality of life for all BC residents.

The four organizations hosting The BIG 50/50 Raffle are:

CPAB FVHCF Variety Zajac Ranch

Draw Details

50/50 Draw

Current 50/50 jackpot

1 Winner Wow! $2 million in tickets available!

Winner gets half of the final jackpot

Your support means the most to us.

Charities are an invaluable part of our community fabric. The work they do helps to assist, uplift and empower thousands of British Columbians monthly. Unfortunately, the past 12 months have been very difficult for so many fundraising organizations. The BIG 50/50 Raffle represents the unification of four important and diverse organizations joining forces to raise funds so they can continue to provide the community support BC residents count on. We are honoured to assist and work with these organizations so they may continue to deliver upon their amazing programs and services.

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Tickets only available to purchase within British Columbia; orders will not be accepted from outside the province. Maximum of ticket packs totalling tickets will be sold. The odds of winning are based on the total number of tickets issued by the time of the draw.